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Updates for Fall 2022

New Feature: WolfPack for Apple CarPlay

For our iOS members, we are happy to offer CarPlay support. For vehicles supporting CarPlay, when plugged in you can now select rides from your list and navigate them with full turn by turn, preset message, and group visibility support.

New Feature: One-to-One Chat

WolfPack has always offered the ability to plan and share through chat between members of a pack. But now you can also have one-to-one chats with your friends in the app. Open your friends list, select a friend, and you will now see a chat screen accompanying their profile.

New Partnership: Dive N Ride Adventures

WolfPack is collaborating with Dive N Ride Adventures to bring the WolfPack group travel platform to their business and experiences.

Jonathan Chashper, CEO and Founder of WolfPack, says, “We are delighted to be working with

Lisa and Dive N Ride Adventures. Her business is engaged in the type of group motorcycle riding

that matches our product’s capabilities. Riders worldwide who rely on their phones for route

guidance, social connection, and travel information will find that WolfPack provides the best

combination of features they need with ease of use. The WolfPack app delivers all those

benefits in one place.”



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