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Optimized Solutions for Hotels & Resorts

About WolfPack® for Hoteliers

At WolfPack, we go beyond elevating tour experiences for operators; we also enrich guest experiences at hotels and resorts. Delivering exceptional hospitality is challenging.
WolfPack eases this burden by offering innovative solutions that emphasize activities and experiences, turning a good stay into an unforgettable one.

Imagine ... 

Imagine a family approaching the hotel concierge, eager to plan their evening. In the past, they'd receive a simple paper map with a few recommended spots circled. They'd set off on their own, navigating and figuring out the details along the way.


Now, picture a different scenario. The concierge greets them warmly and offers something even better – a personalized app. With a few taps on their phone, the family accesses a world of recommendations tailored to their preferences, including the best locations, attractions, restaurants, and tours.


The app provides detailed information, from opening hours to insider tips, and even includes special coupons and offers. It guides them seamlessly to each destination, ensuring a memorable evening. Meanwhile, the hotel enjoys potential revenue-sharing opportunities.


What was once a simple map with circles has evolved into a personalized, guided experience, thanks to the innovative touch of the hotel's concierge.


How WolfPack Saves The Day

Enhanced Communication

Maintain seamless communication with guests through their mobile devices, ensuring constant support and connectivity.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights into guest preferences and behaviors to continually improve services and offerings.

Digital Maps & Itineraries
  • Digital Maps: Replace paper maps with a Mobile App, allowing guests to access digital city maps and highlights effortlessly.

  • Curated Itineraries: Preload and manage trustworthy itineraries, POIs and trips guiding guests to reliable local attractions and restaurants.

Real-Time Guest Management
  • Live Itinerary Updates: Modify itineraries in real-time based on guests' preferences and schedules.

  • Location Tracking: Monitor guests’ locations for timely services like arranging transportation.

Centralized Administration

We provide an integrated platform to manage guest interactions, real-time updates, and communication from a single interface, enhancing efficiency and guest satisfaction.


The WolfPack App

The WolfPack App is designed to address the travel needs of your guests

mobile screen

WolfPack Central

WolfPack Central was designed to address the business needs of Tour Operators, Hotels, Resorts and other enterprise level players in the Travel / Tourism industry.

wolfpack app map

Plan, guide, and communicate with your guests in real-time.

Whether you are assisting guests with their travel plans, setting them off on a personalized adventure, or a mix of both, WolfPack Central has the tools you need to focus on what truly matters: providing an exceptional guest experience.

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