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Route Planning & Communication For
Groups & Tour Operators 

WolfPack® –
Get there. Together. ™

WolfPack Systems, Inc is a Mobile and Technology Start-Up in the Travel / Tourism space, solving challenges encountered by individuals traveling as a group, or tour operators planning group trips, ranging from “mom and pop” tour companies to global tour operators.

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Modern travelers expect great trips and experiences, yet many tour operators rely on outdated methods like email, umbrellas and flags. WolfPack is the game-changer, addressing the industry's gap in Tour Experience Management technology. As the first Tour Operator focused platform to offer itinerary management, real-time visibility, and 360 degrees communication, we close that gap. With 45% of trips leaving travelers disappointed, we're set to boost returns and prevent lost bookings. In the post-COVID, travelers are ready to invest in memorable travels, with the Travel market being $1.8T, WolfPack is ready to take on the market.

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WolfPack Central provides an integrated platform to plan routes, assign routes to tour groups, real time updates on your customers’ progress, and even the ability to chat with them from your desktop.


In seconds, you can create a new account for your customer or invite existing WolfPack users.


Set up a group for tour participants as you put together a plan for their trip.

Protected Trip Library
  • Create trip Templates - plan sophisticated routes with waypoints, scheduling, and details.

  • Plan once and use repeatedly

  • Keep your unique trips protected as they are available to your clients only while they are “on tour”

Trip Management
  • Assign a trip to a group and have it available to them, immediately, with no hassle and no need for paper maps, GPS devices etc.

  • Chat with your groups, in real-time, from your desktop to their mobile devices.

  • Once a trip is over, it will automatically disappear from your customer’s devices, so you do not lose the ownership of your routes.

On-Road Insights

Follow the actual progress of all your active travelers with WolfPack Central’s real-time map. Manage issues before your customer even knows they have one.


The WolfPack product mix is comprised of two products

The WolfPack App

The WolfPack App designed by us to addresses the travel needs of individuals traveling in a group

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WolfPack Central

WolfPack Central was designed to address the business needs of tour operators and other enterprise level players in the Travel / Tourism industry.

wolfpack app map
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Plan, guide, and communicate with your tour participants in real-time.

Whether you join your customers on the trip, set them off on a great self-guided adventure, or some combination of both, WolfPack Central has the tools you need to get back to what really matters: creating the best customer experience possible.

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