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Route Planning & Communication For Groups & Tour Operators 

WolfPack® –
Get there. Together. ™

WolfPack Systems, Inc is a Mobile and Technology Start-Up in the Travel / Tourism space, solving challenges encountered by individuals traveling as a group, or tour operators planning group trips, ranging from “mom and pop” tour companies to global tour operators.

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Individuals traveling in a group often encounter problems from planning the route, to keeping the group together, and communicating (in real time) within the group, while traveling.

These problems become even greater for tour operators who need to  solve these challenges for both individual tours and across the  multiple tours that they operate at any given time.

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Through the WolfPack’s platform users are able to organize their own groups (packs) and plan out trips (“runs”) for group travel, that are customized and fitted for their needs, travel style, etc.

WolfPack provides (1) turn by turn navigation, (2) the ability to simply communicate with fellow group members (through a patent pending technology) while (3) providing a mobile geo-fence, (4) radar functionality that keeps the group together and (5) notifies travelers if they have strayed away from the group.

WolfPack is further unique as it collects and tracks users’ behavior during the “best time of their lives” while traveling, enjoying the outdoors and creating great experiences. This allows us to collect and bring big data to the Travel / tourism industry that is unique to us and that is not available through any other system.

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WolfPack technology was created to address group travel needs regardless of the means of transportation (cars, bicycles, motorcycles and foot).

motorbike riding down a leafy road

"The ride using the app was perfect. The program routed correctly and reliably. We had 17 bikes and everyone had a great time and I looked like a superstar Road Captain."

Gary N., Road Captain

"Thank you for making this app. I've been looking for something with a great Ul like this for a long time. Please continue all the great development you've done so far"development you've done so far."

Travis T., Rider, USA

"A couple of us have just trialled the free version and love the functionality. We have not previously had anything like this as Rever and others are not Australia friendly. Wolfpack is amazing and gives assurance and confidence to my fellow Litas."

Litas, Australian Motorcycle Club

".. this looks absolutely fantastic!
Thank you thank you thank you!"

Adam S.,

President of a Motorcycle Club, USA


The WolfPack product mix is comprised of two products

The WolfPack App

The WolfPack App designed by us to addresses the travel needs of individuals traveling in a group

mobile screen

WolfPack Central

WolfPack Central that was designed to addresses the business needs of tour operators and other enterprise level players in the Travel / Tourism industry.

wolfpack app map
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Plan, guide, and communicate with your tour participants in real-time.

Whether you join your customers on the trip, set them off on a great self-guided adventure, or some combination of both, WolfPack Central has the tools you need to get back to what really matters: creating the best customer experience possible.

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