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Plans and Pricing

Discover how WolfPack Central can help your organization with no obligation - you will not be charged anything when you sign up. If for any reason you are not satisfied, contact us anytime within 30 days of registering for a full refund.


Is there a way to try Central out before I commit? Yes - every account starts with a 30 day trial. There is no commitment to subscribe unless you like the product - in fact we don’t require any payment information at all to get started. If you like what you see, you may enter your payment details any time before the 30 day trial is over.

Are there any limits for my travelers when using the app? Every traveler you add will get the full WolfPack Premium feature set while they travel with you.

How does WolfPack Central's pricing work? Our pricing is structured to grow with you. You pay per active traveler per month - once you assign a traveler to a group/tour, they become active. Before this, you are not charged to have them in your account. For example, imagine a tour with 5 participants beginning 2 months from now. You invite them as a traveler today. In month 1, you are not charged for them. Now in month 2, you add them to a group and assign trips. For month 2, they become active and are charged.

Can I use the WolfPack Mobile App while I am using Central? Yes - with your username/password, you can also log into the WolfPack Mobile app. You will not be able to create reusable trip templates there, but having the app is helpful for testing and customer service. See “Group Leaders”

I have a team that helps plan out trips and experiences. Is there a way to add them to my account? Yes! You can add managers to you organization as needed. Go to the Managers Menu and invite them to join you. They will be able to edit and create groups/trips or you can give them full access.

I see "Group Leaders" when setting up a tour group. What is that? We built the group leader capability to support companies that have tour guides traveling along with the clients. You can assign a group leader from among your managers. They are added as a virtual member of the tour.

Central Pricing
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