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New GPX Import Feature in WolfPack Central Tour Experience Management Solution Streamlines Tour Creation and Management

Maryland – Today, WolfPack Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of Tour Experience Management (TEM) solutions, is excited to announce the launch of the GPX (GPS Exchange Format) Import feature for its industry-leading WolfPack Central TEM solution. This enhancement is designed to streamline the tour planning process, offering increased convenience and efficiency for tour operators worldwide.

The GPX Import feature allows for the seamless integration of GPX files directly into the WolfPack Central trip planner, responding to a frequent request from tour operators. By enabling the upload of GPX files, the solution not only validates the data but also allows operators to customize their trips effortlessly. Once a trip is added to the operator’s library, it can be easily utilized in tours, leveraging the full capabilities of WolfPack’s mobile app for travelers.

"This feature marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing the most efficient and user-friendly tour management solution on the market," said Jonathan Chashper, CEO of WolfPack. "We've listened to the feedback from our community of tour operators, and we're thrilled to deliver a feature that not only meets but exceeds their expectations."

The introduction of GPX Import optimizes and streamlines the way tour operators create and manage tours, offering substantial time savings and reducing the need for costly GPS devices. With no additional physical GPS devices required in addition to the travelers’ own smartphones, this feature promotes a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to tour management. It is especially beneficial for vehicle-based tours, including bus, motorcycle, bike, and car excursions.

"Our focus has always been on enhancing the tour experience for both operators and travelers. With the GPX Import feature, we're streamlining the planning process, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best - creating unforgettable tour experiences," added Evan Haines, Vice President of Product at WolfPack.

Beta customers have already reported significant time savings in creating their tours, highlighting the feature’s impact on improving operational efficiency. "The GPX Import feature has been incredibly valuable. Our time to market is nearly instant now as our tours are rendered in WolfPack in a matter of seconds. We're no longer spending time recreating our tour content, instead, we’re focused on delivering exceptional tour experiences for our customers,” shared a North American tour operator that has been testing the feature. 

WolfPack Solutions, Inc. remains dedicated to innovation and excellence in tour experience management. The launch of the GPX Import feature is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to serving the needs of tour operators and enhancing the global tour industry.

Meet WolfPack at ITB

The WolfPack team is debuting this groundbreaking feature at ITB Berlin this week and engaging with forward-thinking tour operators and technology partners eager to collaborate and spearhead the tour experience management movement. To schedule a meeting and explore how you can be part of this exciting journey, please visit

About WolfPack Solutions, Inc.

WolfPack is a leading provider of tour experience management solutions, empowering tour operators to deliver unforgettable experiences to their customers. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, WolfPack Systems is dedicated to driving growth and success for its clients across the global travel industry. 



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