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App Updates: Summer 2020

Run Tracking with WolfPack

We are happy to offer Ride Tracking in WolfPack for the first time.

Hitting the road solo? From the Run menu, track your ride - you will start recording your path as you go where you want. To get started:

1- Select the Runs menu from the home screen. In the upper corner, select the menu and pick "Track Ride."

This will start the new mode. Let the timer complete.

You are now recording your progress. Press the pause button to stop the track, record to restart. When you are happy (or are otherwise done) press stop.

In the menu that pops up, press "Complete Ride" to name and save it, "Back to Tracking" if you want to keep recording, or "Discard Recording" if you don't want to save the ride.

Once done, name and save the run. It will appear in your Log Book. You can even use your track to create a future group ride.



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