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What Travelers Expect from Group Tours

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Traveling is one of the top-ranked leisure activities. According to Statisa 1.46 billion people traveled in 2019 alone, accounting to one in every fifth person. When travelers invest their hard-earned dollars in a group tour, their expectations are high. And rightfully so, since they often plan and save for months, or even years for their trip. They envision an amazing, enjoyable vacation that they can cherish as a memory, but all too often, the reality is very different.

Tour companies can fail to live up to the group travelers’ expectations resulting in lost customers, bad reviews, and negative word-of-mouth marketing - costing tour companies their reputation and revenue.

Is your tour experience aligned with travelers’ expectations?

As a tour company, you can meet travelers’ expectations by going beyond the bare minimum and providing a tour experience that surpasses the basic services that the travelers signed up for.

Here is a list of top four things that group travelers expect from a tour company and what you can do to meet those expectations.

1. Group travelers expect exemplary customer service that provides personalized care and attention to detail.

Even though group tours are all about experiencing a destination together, every traveler has individual needs. Pay attention to what they want, and their special requirements. Make sure you accommodate group travelers needs and preferences.

2. Group travelers expect two-way communication with their tour guide throughout their tour.

Make sure you have an easy, two-way communication method in place so that the travelers and the tour guides can be in constant contact. Using a group travel app that connects the groups with their tour guide enables travelers to reach out to the tour leader for guidance, emergency, or any information they might need throughout the trip.

3. Group travelers expect detailed itineraries that tell them what they will do and the places they will visit.

Planning a trip is complex and is one of the reasons travelers choose to book their tours with the experts. Create a detailed itinerary that maps out the entire tour, including the most important sites, hidden gems, and allocated time for each activity.

4. Group travelers expect to feel safe in order to relax and enjoy their experience completely.

Safety is not just an expectation but a priority. Give your travelers instructions on their safety depending on the type of tour. Alert them about local scam artists and thieves who prey on tourists. Train your tour guides well so they’re equipped to navigate all situations in order to keep their groups safe.

Go beyond the travelers’ expectations. Give them a tour experience that they can completely enjoy and will rate 5-stars on travel review sites..

See how WolfPack Central can help you exceed your group travelers’ expectations.


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