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Iconic Rides with WolfPack at Sturgis 2019

2019 is The Year of the Ride at Sturgis, and WolfPack is helping make it even better - for free!  WolfPack Systems brings you nine iconic rides through the Black Hills, already available in the WolfPack app and ready for you and your friends to experience. Enjoy WolfPack’s turn-by-turn directions, bike-to-bike communications features, and more while you jump onto one of the runs in the WolfPack Sturgis Ride portfolio. Here is how: 

Join as many packs and as many rides as you like (and can - assuming you are not too tired).

We’ll be having fun at Sturgis too, so look for the Wolfpack Team and we may have a gift for you. Keep the rubber down and the sunny side up! 

See you at Sturgis!

- The WolfPack Team



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