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Evan Haines Promoted to Vice President of Product at WolfPack Systems Inc.

WolfPack Systems is thrilled to announce the promotion of Evan Haines to the position of Vice President of Product. With a decade of product leadership experience across diverse industries such as mobility, cyber security, and health tech, Evan brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of success to his new role. 

Evan joined WolfPack as Director of Product Management in 2017, leading product management across the product’s growth from a personal group travel app to a B2C platform with 90,000+ mobile users, and more recently through a pivot to the B2B Tour Experience ManagementTM market, enabling tour operators to deliver the exceptional local, personalized tour experiences that today’s connected travelers expect. Evan has played a pivotal role in driving the company's product strategy and growth.

"I’m excited to be stepping into the role of Vice President of Product at WolfPack where I will continue to drive our suite of solutions that give tour operators even more ways to surpass their clients’ expectations. Our journey from personal group travel to becoming a leader in the B2B Tour Experience Management space reflects our team's hard work and dedication to this goal,” says Evan.

As Vice President of Product, Evan will continue to drive innovation, spearhead strategic initiatives, and ensure the delivery of exceptional products that shape the future of the tour industry. 

"Evan's promotion to Vice President is a testament to his exceptional leadership and the significant impact he has had on our product's evolution and success. I am confident that under his guidance, WolfPack will reach new heights in the Tour Experience Management sector of the travel industry,” says Jonathan Chashper, CEO of WolfPack Systems, Inc.

Please join the WolfPack team in congratulating Evan Haines on his well-deserved promotion to Vice President of Product at WolfPack Systems.

About WolfPack Systems, Inc.:

WolfPack is a leading provider of tour experience management solutions, empowering tour operators to deliver unforgettable experiences to their customers. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, WolfPack Systems is dedicated to driving growth and success for its clients across the global travel industry. 



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