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Embracing the Future of Travel: Our Takeaways from ITB Berlin

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Attending the ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel trade show, was an enlightening experience that not only showcased the dynamic nature of the travel industry but also highlighted its evolving trends and challenges. 

This year, one concept stood out prominently, echoing through the halls and conversations: Tour Experience Management (TEM). Reflecting on my time at ITB Berlin, I am excited to share four key takeaways that underscore the future of travel and the pivotal role of TEM in reshaping the industry.

1. The Rising Tide of Tour Experience Management (TEM)

This year, TEM was the buzzword, gaining an unprecedented level of traction among industry professionals. Unlike the previous years where the focus predominantly lay on logistical elements like booking and scheduling, 2024 witnessed a paradigm shift towards the quality of the tour experience itself. 

This shift underscores a growing recognition within the travel industry: today’s travelers seek more than just a trip; they yearn for an experience. An experience that is seamless, personalized, immersive and most of all, memorable. This changing tide is not just a trend but a movement towards enriching travel, making it indeed more memorable and impactful for tourists worldwide.

2. The Gap in the Market: In-Trip Experience Enhancement (or the lack of) 

Amidst the myriad of companies focusing on booking technologies, a significant observation was the scarcity of solutions aimed at enhancing the in-trip experience. While the industry is crowded with platforms facilitating tour bookings and reservations, there exists a notable gap in technologies dedicated to making the actual travel experience more personalized, local, and connected, especially for group tours. The “connected traveler” is not as “connected” as many would like to believe. This gap presents a unique opportunity for innovation in the realm of in-trip services, where technology can bridge the divide between the traditional one-size-fits-all tour and a deeply personal, engaging journey. 

3. A Collective Shift Towards Tour Experience Management

Perhaps the most encouraging takeaway from ITB Berlin was the palpable increase in interest from both tour operators and travel technology companies in embracing TEM. This collective shift is indicative of a broader industry-wide acknowledgment of the importance of the tour experience. 

Companies are now more than ever open to exploring and investing in technologies and strategies that can enhance the quality of tours, making them more manageable and sustainable from the Tour Operator's perspective, thus allowing the guide to provide a more engaging, interactive, and tailored to individual preferences. This trend is not only a win for travelers, who will benefit from richer, more personalized experiences but also for the industry at large, as it moves towards a more sustainable and customer-centric model.

4. Tour Operators’ Ask from Technology Providers

A critical discussion point at ITB Berlin revolved around the evolving expectations tour operators have from their technology providers. Operators are looking for solutions that can:

  • Manage Tour Inventories Efficiently: There’s a growing need for platforms that allow for seamless management of tour inventories, ensuring that operators can easily handle their offerings and capacities.

  • Keep Participants Informed: Technology that can keep group tour participants informed throughout their journey, reducing the reliance on guides or WhatsApp / Telegram for continuous updates and answers, is in high demand. This would enhance the participant's experience by making information (not just “chat”) readily available at their fingertips.

  • Enable Real-Time Itinerary Modifications: The ability to create and modify itineraries in real-time is becoming crucial. Operators seek flexible solutions that can adapt to dynamic situations, enhancing the overall quality of the tour experience by allowing for spontaneity and personalization.

  • Enable Real-Time Visibility As To What Happens In The Tour: Tour operators need a clear picture of their tours unfolding in real-time. This includes knowing the guide's location, any last-minute itinerary changes, and any unexpected situations that arise. By utilizing a mobile app for participants with real-time updates and a comprehensive dashboard, tour operators ensure clear communication between all parties. This improves operational efficiency and creates a more secure and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


The insights from ITB Berlin paint a clear picture: the future of travel revolves around the "connected traveler." This traveler craves not just a trip, but a personalized and immersive experience. WolfPack Systems Inc. is at the forefront of Tour Experience Management (TEM), dedicated to bridging the gap for these connected travelers. Our innovative solutions aim to revolutionize exploration, ensuring every journey is as unique as the individual embarking on it.

The momentum towards a more experience-driven travel industry is exciting, and we are enthusiastic about collaborating with tour operators, travel tech companies, and travelers themselves to redefine travel. Our participation in ITB Berlin has not only reaffirmed our vision but has also spurred our determination to innovate. With a future ripe with possibilities, WolfPack Systems Inc. is eager to lead the way in creating unforgettable travel experiences.

Contact us today to discuss how WolfPack can empower you to cater to the evolving needs of the connected traveler and transform your tours into journeys that resonate!



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