Group Travel Companies

Provide your clients with a connected travel experience like never before, by using WolfPack and WolfPack Central to manage your trips and traveling groups.

Each participant (traveler) logs in to a private "pack" created by you, for the purpose of their trip and stays connected with their guide and other participants through the use of the app.



WolfPack Central provides your management and group leaders with exclusive access to guest registration, trip planning and location. The system's communication features allow your organization to engage tour participants in a private chat stream that keeps both leaders and participants aware of news, updates and activities along the way. 


WolfPack will even help you on self-guided tours. As such, the travelers will get a predetermined route, where WolfPack will provide them with turn-by-turn navigation, for each member of the group, while allowing you to see their progress and communicate with them, directly, as needed.


WolfPack helps ensure your customers never feel disconnected from their guide and guides are always aware of the location of every member of their group. As an organization, the ability to monitor group activity and ensure that all participants are connected and safe sets you apart from your competitors.  


Connection, confidence, security. Great reasons to make WolfPack Central part of your group travel program.

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