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The WolfPack Story

The beginning…

WolfPack started when Jonathan Chashper, our CEO, took a motorcycle trip with his buddies in 2010.

“We got separated. I spent a very frustrating couple of hours trying to reconnect - making a series of phone calls, text messages, then waiting until (hopefully) they were received by each person at a stopping point. We finally all got on the same page, but needless to say the ride was ruined and everyone wanted to head home.

As I was riding back, it got me thinking: there has to be a way to fix this. Why do we get lost, separated, frustrated when each of us had a mobile phone, GPS and data? There had to be a solution.”

This is when WolfPack was born with the goal of keeping people traveling together.

The pivot…

As more and more travelers started using the WolfPack App to stay connected on group trips with friends and family, we started getting requests to expand the solution and provide tour operators with a central hub not only to plan group tours, but also track and communicate with travelers during tours in real-time.

We stepped up to the challenge and developed the WolfPack Central Tour Experience Management™ Solution for tour operators while continuing to support WolfPack App for individual users.

Where we are today…

Today, tour operators around the globe now have a unique solution that combines planning and itinerary building features with location tracking and navigation and real-time communications that most tour operator software lacks.

Our solution continues to grow in adoption and usage, which tells us we’re solving a significant problem for tour operators and group travelers.

90,000+ users

15,000+ trips

100+ countries

25M+ miles traveled

Where we’re going…

“My vision for WolfPack and Tour Experience Management overall is to leverage technology and data to enhance the travel experience, while promoting sustainable and responsible tourism practices that benefit tour operators, travelers and local communities. This involves leveraging technology and data to create a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, from the initial planning stages to the end of the trip,” explains Chashper. Tour Experience Management aims to provide travelers with customized recommendations based on their preferences and past behaviors using data analytics and artificial intelligence. In the very near future, this may include personalized itineraries, recommendations for activities and attractions, and suggestions for local restaurants and accommodations. This is what WolfPack is all about. We started as a visionary company in the travel industry, and we will keep pushing the envelope to stay at the forefront as the industry continues to evolve.



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