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How To Prevent Damaging Group Tour Reviews

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Are you a group tour operator looking to prevent damaging tour reviews from affecting your reputation and revenue?

You know how influential online reviews are on customers’ tour booking decisions. Having negative reviews can cost your tour company its reputation, future bookings, referrals, AND revenue.

In fact, having a single negative review can cost your organization in terms of reputation and revenue. Imagine having one of these reviews for your company:

“Worst tour company I’ve ever had the misfortune to use, DO NOT USE THESE, total shambles.”

“Nothing! No interest in the customer. No support, no backup, take it or leave it attitude.”

“Booked a tour with them and asked 3 additional nights prior to the tour. Arrived at the hotel in Orlando only to find I didn't have a reservation. They are a disaster.”

We didn’t just make these up. Unfortunately, these are real reviews that travelers have left for real tour companies on TripAdvisor.

It all comes down to experience and expectations - one traveler's negative experience can reach thousands of other travelers and ultimately have a negative impact on the reputation and revenue of your organization.

Here are 3 tips to help prevent damaging tour reviews.

Communicate effectively

Communication is important in every industry, but it is especially important for successful group tours. Having a clear, detailed itinerary down to every is essential, but since uncertainties are part of every tour, communicating throughout the tour to keep your tour group on track is a must.

Pro tip: Be clear and concise when communicating. Listen attentively to the specific needs of different tour groups and travelers. Be aware of cultural and language differences when communicating with groups of people from all around the world.

Make safety a priority

Feeling safe is essential for travelers to completely enjoy the tour experience. When travelers trust the tour company and feel safe with the guide, it allows them to indulge in a worry-free experience.

Pro tip: Follow practices for the health and safety of your travelers. Check weather forecasts before making any tour plans. Avoid risky or dangerous areas. Keep your tour group connected with a group travel app for emergencies.

Leverage technology

We live in an era where every purse and pocket has a smartphone in it. Use this as an opportunity to have visibility and stay connected with every traveler during your group tours.

Pro tip: Adopt a tour experience management application that is specifically built to help tour operators keep track of each traveler, get alerts when a traveler goes off route, communicate instantly with guides and travelers, and more.

Don’t let bad reviews take a toll on your tour company’s reputation and revenue. Use a tour experience management solution to deliver 5-star tour experiences, every time.

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