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App Updates: Late Winter 2023

New Website for WolfPack Apps

The WolfPack Apps have a new home on the web - Frequently asked questions, a login link to the web portal, and more are located there.


Navigation Mode Updates - Horizontal Mode and Drawer

Our recent releases for Android and iOS include support for horizontal navigation mode. WolfPack will detect when your screen is rotated and refresh the map and interface. This opens up new mounting options for your phone while you are on the go.

Another update in navigation is the bottom drawer - drag the run stats up to get easier access to core functions.


Logbook Improvements

Did you know you can always access a record of your travels using the Log Book in the Runs (Trips) menu? Here we’ve updated the filtering interface and added the ability to search by the start date of your trip. It’s easy to hunt down that great route you want to try again.


Spanish Language Support

Finally, WolfPack now supports Spanish. The apps automatically change interface wording to Spanish based on your device language settings (see here for iOS and here for Android).

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