Frequently Asked Questions

What is WolfPack?

What is WolfPack and what is the basic idea behind it?

Riding with the group is a blast but it can be a major challenge communicating and staying together while out on the road. WolfPack provides a better way to ride and travel socially. With WolfPack, you get an integrated experience for the ultimate group ride: - Create a pack of your own - each pack is simply a group of travelers interested in riding together - Plan a run - create a route for you and your pack to take, automatically sharing it out to all pack members when you are ready - When ready to go, the pack will navigate together, seeing WolfPack's turn-by-turn guidance, a radar view to see where others are relative to you, and a safe and quick customizable message system to alert your pack with a couple taps of the screen. WolfPack is available for Android and iOS, with a companion web app for planning functions.

Can I see a walkthrough of the app?

Here is a short video to walk you thought WolfPack functionality.

What do I get with the Premium Version?

WolfPack premium offers better ways to enjoy the ultimate group riding experience:

- Go on an unlimited number of rides - absolutely nothing between you and the open road.
- You can also customize routes with up to 22 waypoints for developing creative rides the pack can follow together (see how to add waypoints elsewhere in this FAQ). Users in the pack are automatically navigated on the same route premium or not.
- Record rides to save to your logbook. Remember where you've been or make a copy and go again with your whole group. - Navigate directly to a waypoint and skip the ones before. This comes in handy for multi-day rides, for example: set a waypoint for each day's stopping point and split a ride up to fit your travel.
- From the in run menu, you can also capture interesting places while on a ride so you never forget a great spot again. See it in action.

What else can I do with WolfPack?

In addition to managing groups, planning and navigating shared routes, there's so much more to WolfPack: - Share your experiences with your community using friend and feed features - Record a run to save the route to your logbook (premium feature) - Relive any run you took or recorded - see the route, where you actually went if you decided to explore, and simply make a copy to do the same thing again - Chat among your pack to plan and remember There is even more than this, but you can hopefully see what a powerful tool WolfPack can be for you and your group.

Registration and Verification

Why do I need to verify my email?

We do this to help ensure privacy. WolfPack sends out a brief email with a link that validates you are owner of the email you signed up with. If you open it on your mobile, you will be verified and automatically logged in. If you open on a computer, click the link then log in on your phone.

I never received my verification email. How do I check to see I am verified?

First, check to see if the email ended up in your spam filter. While you are at it, add to your safe senders list to make sure you get system emails from us.

If it isn’t there, all you need to do is log in with the username and password you set when you signed up. There will be a link to resend the email.

If all else fails, send us an email at

Packs, Groups, and Connecting with Others

How does the Friends system work in WolfPack?

Your Friends List in WolfPack is your community. Friends are added in the following ways:

  • From Packs (automatic): Members of any packs you join or create are automatically added to your friends list. This way, even if you delete a pack, you can quickly find and add people from your past experiences to new rides and groups.
  • From Friends Search: If you have enabled social features, you can search for friends in the Community screen. See “How do I search for other WolfPack users? Do I need to do anything first to be found?” for more information.
Friends may or may not be part of an active pack. Your Friends list is an easy way to reconnect with past fellow travelers (for example if you want to set up a new group for a particular trip or set of trips).

How do I search for other WolfPack users? Do I need to do anything first to be found?

To find other WolfPack users, you need to enable the feature (by default, you cannot search for other users or be found in a search).

To get started, follow the instructions below:
1 - Go to Settings and turn on the feature. You need to pick your location and press save at the bottom of the settings screen. WolfPack will save just the city – even if you enter a street address, other users will just find you based on the city. 2 - You are now ready to accept or receive invites. Go to Community from the home screen, and press the button for "Find other Users."
3 - Pick a city to start your search. You will see results appear if anyone is in the area. As shown, you will see if someone is already in your Friends list. 4 - View basic profile information, and press Invite to start an invite. Customize an invitation message if you want and send.
5 - When receiving an invite, you will be notified with either a push notification or in WolfPack's new feed (in the Community row in Home screen, you will see a count of pending unread feed notifications) Ignoring will not bother you with the invite again. Accepting adds them to your Friends list, where you can add the person to a pack and proceed from there.

How do I invite an existing user to a pack I created?

WolfPack offers a few options to connect with fellow riders in a pack you created:
- The easiest way is to ask them for their User ID. Each user has a unique ID that is shown in their profile. You can also find this right on the home screen. Long press to copy to clipboard. They can share their email address with you if they prefer.
- If you tap on a pack, there is an option at the bottom to invite to pack. If you press this, you get options to search your contacts or tab over to enter the User ID (or email) they gave you. As an alternative, if your pack is created, just tell people the Pack ID. Go to your packs list and find the Pack ID next to the name of the pack. They can enter this code from the pack screen by pressing the button at the bottom ("Join by ID")

I received a Pack ID - how do I use it to join a group?

A Pack ID gives you a way to join a pack in just a few taps:
- In the WolfPack app, open the WolfPack's menu.
- At the top of the screen, press Join by ID. - Type in the 8-digit code you were given into the field (don't worry about dashes) After confirming the group name, you will immediately be added to the group and all upcoming trips scheduled for that group.

How do I invite people to try out WolfPack?

To share the app with someone who doesn't yet have wolfpack, use the menu item to Invite to WolfPack. You have the option in that screen to share by text message, email, or however you want (depending on what Android and iOS options there are). See below.


Do all members of the Wolfpack have to have a premium subscription in order to use multi-waypoint routes?

Only Premium users can plan a rides with waypoints and skip directly to a particular waypoint from the start. But once the ride is planned, all users of the pack can access the run and participate in it. Both Basic and Premium users navigate the same route through all waypoints, see each other's messages, and positions on the Radar.

How many waypoints may I use in planning a run?

Up to 20 waypoints, plus start and destination, are allowed when planning a run.

Can I make changes to the waypoints after setting them and saving?

- You can change the address by clicking on the field (as shown in the example) and searching for a new one. You can also select the waypoint field, press the in-field back button and alter the position right on the map - You can change the order by pressing the triple line icon next to the waypoint and dragging (on android, press, then briefly hold before dragging)
- You can delete a waypoint by pressing the X button next to the address

Planning and Traveling

How do I plan a new run?

Go to the Runs screen and press the Create button at the top right. You will be taken to a details screen on which you can pick a pack (this can wait till later but has to be filled in prior to going on the Run) and dates. Above this is a button to Plan Route. Pressing it takes to to the route planning screen. In this screen, select a start and destination point by selecting the field at the top. You can also move the pin to set on the map. To toggle between the two, press the little arrow in the field. If you want to start with a location, or you can click out of this to move the map (and pin around). Once you are happy that the pin is where you want, press the button on the map to Set. Once your route looks the way you want (you should see your route drawn in preview as below), press the Finish button in the bottom right. You should now see both the route preview to confirm you like what you see and a save button at the top to save the run. The run is now added to your coming up list! Press Run when you are ready to hit the road.

How do I view the details of a run I planned or will be attending?

In our updated Run list, you can see a basic route preview, a “Run” button to immediately start the Run, and other details. For additional information, tap elsewhere on the run row. In our latest version, we added a shortcut to see the pack chat if you want to discuss something first.

I'm wondering about Waypoints.

Check the category for Waypoints elsewhere in this FAQ.

How do I start a run?

If you go to the Runs menu, find the run you wish to start in the Coming Up list and press the button for Run.
A pop up will appear. Wait for the end of the countdown to start navigating to the Destination. Tap in the gray area to cancel the countdown.
For additional options, press the options button. You'll be taken to a menu where you can to navigate to start, take a shortcut to a waypoint (Premium feature), or even check a weather report. Once you reach the destination, a pop up will appear that allows you to end the run.

How to I RSVP to a run someone invited me to?

To let the planner know if you are joining a run or not, you can provide your RSVP as follows:
- Go to the Runs list from the main menu - For the run to which you want to RSVP, tap it and open the RSVP List tab. Here you can swipe the row with your name to uncover RSVP options. - If you are travelling alone, just select one of the three options to send your RSVP. Optionally, if someone else is coming with you and cannot RSVP, you can add people to your party with the + and - buttons, then select an RSVP option. If you need to change your response, you can repeat this process and change your status or guest count.

How can I go again on a run I previously attended?

Check out the logbook. From the Runs screen, press on the logbook tab. In this list, you will see all the runs that you were invited to or planned in the past. There is a filter to hide runs you were invited to but never went on.

Pressing Plan This Run will begin to make a copy of the original run. Any of the addresses can be changed before saving.
Finally, premium users can select a checkbox that shows the actual route you took, as well as any waypoints you saved along the way. This is useful to show how your actual trip differed from the plan so you can make changes the next time around.

Where do I see waypoints I capture on the run? How do I view details about an old run I took?

(Premium Feature)

In the Runs menu, go to the Logbook - here is captured a list of previous runs which you attended or were invited to. If you are a premium user, we show some additional details when you press "Run Again" and begin to plan a repeat of the run:

- Waypoints you capture (if you tap the screen to open options, the third buttion says "capture waypoint")

- The actual traveled route. See where you actually went, whether it was on the original plan or not.
The day after your run completes, a record of it goes to logbook. Press Run Again and begin to edit the run. There is a checkbox right under the map that allows you to overlay the actual route on top of planned, and in blue on the map (and bottom of the planning list) are captured waypoints.

How do I track a ride that has no planned route so I can see it later?

WolfPack Premium allows you to track an open ride you begin with no set plan. This is a great way to keep track of your rides, to even to test out a new route then plan and share with your packs later. To get started: - Select the Runs menu from the home screen. In the upper corner, select the menu and pick "Track Ride."
- This will start the new mode. Let the timer complete.
- You are now recording your progress. Press the pause button to stop the track, record to restart. When you are happy (or are otherwise done) press stop. - In the menu that pops up, press "Complete Ride" to name and save it, "Back to Tracking" if you want to keep recording, or "Discard Recording" if you don't want to save the ride.
- Once done, name and save the run. It will appear in your Log Book. You can even use your track to create a future group ride."

WolfPack Premium

What are the benefits of WolfPack Premium?

WolfPack premium offers better ways to enjoy the ultimate group riding experience:

- Premium users can go on an unlimited number of rides - absolutely nothing between you and the open road.
- You can also customize routes with up to 22 waypoints for developing creative rides the pack can follow together (see how to add waypoints elsewhere in this FAQ). Users in the pack are automatically navigated on the same route premium or not.
- Premium users can also navigate directly to a waypoint and skip the ones before. This comes in handy for multi-day rides, for example: set a waypoint for each day's stopping point and split a ride up to fit your travel.
- From the in run menu, Premium users can also capture interesting places while on a ride so you never forget a great spot again.
- Premium users get access to an integrated chat system ensures your pack has a one place to plan and share it all. Premium users in the pack can plan, communicate, and even share pictures with each other.

See it in action.

How do I get WolfPack Premium?

In the bottom menu, open the menu item. When it appears, there is an item to Get WolfPack Premium. Press this and you will be take nto a screen telling you terms and details, and giving you a way to start the subscription.

How do I make changes to my WolfPack Premium subscription?

If you subscribed through either you're Apple or Google payments, you'll need to go through them to update your subscription. Instructions are included below.
Note - if you are intending to cancel, you will remain Premium until the next date you would have been charged. At that point your accountwill return to Basic and you will not again be charged. Android: Instructions to cancel the subscription are listed by Google here. Starting on July 23, 2018, go here and find Subscriptions on the left menu. Apple: Instructions to cancel the subscription are listed by Apple here. If you subscribe using PayPal, go to your account to modify the recurring subscription.


Is this legal?  Most all states have legislation in place limiting a driver’s ability to interact with a smart phone while driving.  Why is Wolfpack’s motorcycle smartphone application not covered by this prohibition?

The use of GPS devices / applications is legal and WolfPack is acting in the same way as any device running Google Maps or Waze. As a specific example, California, which has among the strongest distracted driver laws in the US, imposes limits only on handheld GPS use and multi-finger interaction with the screen, neither of which apply to WolfPack.

While using WolfPack to navigate, the navigation experience is identical to the Google Maps application.

Furthermore, our design takes into account voluntary guidelines set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In the NHTSA Guidelines for Portable and Aftermarket Devices the primary recommendation is that “single average glances away from the forward roadway are 2 seconds or less and where the sum of the durations of all individual glances away from the forward roadway are 12 seconds or less while performing a testable task.”

Using WolfPack does not require more than 2 seconds “eyes of the road.” All decisions we have made regarding in-travel interfaces focus on minimizing the user’s interaction with their device, reducing actions to 1-3 taps on the screen.

Lastly, even though WolfPack is currently positioned for Motorcycle riders, it can be used (in fact already used by car drivers), as is (with no additional changes to it) for car travel, bicycle riding, and any other “group movement activity” including tour groups, kids on school trips of even military.