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WolfPack Central, the ultimate dealer tool for delivering great customer events, and bringing new customers to your store.


We all know the challenge of delivering a great experience on a group motorcycle ride. "Who's signed up?" "Have they signed the release form?" "Does everyone know the route?" "What do we do if the group gets separated?" It requires a combination of great staff, high-quality advance planning and great road captains to make it happen. As a business person, it can make you nervous. And, last but not least, how do you make every ride an opportunity to reach, and connect with new customers?

That's why the WolfPack app and WolfPack Central are a perfect solution for motorcycle dealers and their customers.

With the free Wolfpack app, each ride participant can log into the private "pack" that you set up for the event. You'll have contact information for each rider as soon as they log in. The app delivers each participant turn-by-turn directions, so even if the group gets separated, your customers will never be lost. The app's radar feature keeps your road captains updated on everyone's location and allows instant, one-button communication of pre-selected messages to the whole group.

As a WolfPack Dealer, your planned events are posted to our database that reaches over 50,000 WolfPack users. And with WolfPack alerts, every event can draw new participants to your rides and new customers to your dealership.

With WolfPack Central, you'll be able to save great routes from previous events, or plan rides for future events, monitor participant locations real-time during rides, and keep in close contact with all participants with the WolfPack chat feature.

As a business, you want to minimize risk and deliver great customer experiences. As a motorcycle dealer, you know that the more a customer rides, the more likely they are to keep buying accessories, gear and new motorcycles. Making WolfPack Central part of your event program will set you apart from competitors and deliver your customers a confident, professional group ride experience.

Connection, confidence, security. Great reasons to make WolfPack and WolfPack Central part of your dealership's event plan.


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