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WolfPack enhances the group riding experience.

Going on motorcycle rides in groups is a fun way to experience the open road. Yet there are a few realities that present potential challenges: between noise, distance between riders, road hazards, and the need to stay focused, riders often get disconnected, lost, or just separated, potentially resulting in reckless driving as they try to reconnect with the group.

WolfPack solves these problems with an integrated experience for travelling in a group. Before going on a “run,” WolfPack lets you invite fellow riders to join a pack and plan out a group run at a specified time and date. Once your pack is ready to ride, WolfPack provides an,on-ride navigation interface with turn-by-turn directions, a radar with the position of other riders relative to you, and the ability to send quick communications to your pack with just a couple taps of your finger.

WolfPack Features:

  • Turn-by-Turn navigation.
  • Group communications: sending a predefined message to group riders is as easy as two taps of the finger.
  • Group positioning: see location of riders in your group at a glance.
  • Group management: create “WolfPacks” of friends who want to travel together.
  • Run management: plan and schedule routes for you and your pack.


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